Check out this new "Weathered" segment on increasing "hydroclimate whiplash" in a warming climate--with discussion of the changing character of precipitation (including my thoughts on the SW megadrought, & rising risk of a CA megaflood). #CAwater

@Kanter thank you for starting this. This is a list of organizations and professionals in #nonprofit and #philanthropy I follow.

Boost the list if you'd like so that we can all connect

@louisdiez (Donor Participation project)
@pomranka @Leah

We are now accepting applications to join our server for Bay Area-based and !

To request a account, please complete our Google Form: You or your fiscal sponsor must be a nonprofit charitable organization in good standing and meet the requirements for tax-exempt purposes as determined by the IRS.

(2/3) After careful consideration, Save the Shores is allocating some of its resources to host its own #Mastodon server devoted to San Francisco Bay Area #nonprofits and #NGOs: For now, the server is not accepting applications and will be limited to a small group of nonprofits. Over the coming months, we plan to gradually improve and expand our capacity to accommodate more users to ensure our server is stable.

Bay Area Nonprofits

A server dedicated to San Francisco Bay Area-based nonprofits and NGOs.